The swiftly growing issue all over the world is cancer repair in every sense be it research, diagnosis, treatment, care, or advocacy. International Association for Integrated Oncology (IAIO) is dedicated to cancer awareness and bring the professionals to get involved and connected with the best practitioners towards the whole world. Hence, every step is meant to achieve by:

  • Networking with people and specialists to spread the effects of cancer and solutions.
  • To contribute maximum towards cancer prevention.
  • Educating the society about cancer awareness and prevention through conferences.
  • To conduct and promote the intense research on all about cancer and solution towards the whole world.

IAIO provides a broad range of networking opportunities to globalize your research in the field of Oncology. We strongly believe in organizing awareness about oncology throughout the world without compromising service and quality.


The International Association for Integrated Oncology (IAIO) vision is to be a ray of hope against cancer by promoting excellence in research and to provide a forum for the exchange of scientific and clinical information worldwide.