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Resources for IAO students

IAO supports oncologists throughout their careers with educational opportunities focused on the practical aspects of our discipline. IAO provides certification and recertification for medical oncologists. Young oncologists can participate in collegial events with leaders in the field and get the chance to collaborate with prominent cancer institutions.

Medical oncology is a rapidly evolving profession: IAO’s Oncology Fellowships offer unique research and educational opportunities for young oncologists around the world to gain know-how and expertise in translational and/or clinical research and emerging technologies in different aspects of cancer. Through these programmes, participants gain valuable research experience and skills and also have the opportunity to disseminate information all across the world. There are short-term educational visits for just a few days or a few months, clinical programmes from six weeks to one year, and translational research for up to two years.

Our global curriculum, sets common guidelines and standards for medical oncology training, ensuring that professionals have transferable skills and that patients receive a uniformly high level of care. The Young Oncologists Committee provides opportunities to strengthen young oncologists' skills, knowledge and expertise, while providing a platform for networking with other medical oncologists and oncology professionals.

IAO offers oncology providers the resources to help deliver high-quality cancer care to every patient, including the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative,QOPI Certification Program, the Quality Training Program etc.

Your career path is as unique as you are; IAO helps you make the most of it.

IAO Meetings and Educational Courses

Continue your medical education by attending the IAO meetings, including Educational courses ( Preceptorships and Advanced Courses), as well as Partnership and National Society meetings. The programme of each event is evaluated by the IAO Continuing Medical Education WG (CME WG). CME points: subject to programme/hours