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Student Chapters

Student Chapters provide unique opportunities for networking with Professionals, Speakers and mentoring. They provide support both within the student community and to local communities outside the institution.

If you have further questions regarding starting IAO chapter, please contact

Student Chapter Member Benefits

IAO Student Chapter Members can avail the the IAO Student Membership Benefits

How to Start a Student Chapter

A Student chapter serves as a gateway to forums, workshops, panel discussions, Guest Lectures and symposia that further a student's professional development.

Start an IAO Student Chapter in 4 easy steps.

* Entries made during the application process may be saved and completed at a later time by visiting the URL sent to the chapter email address.

  • Step 1: Enter IAO Student chapter name, chapter email address, chapter type, and chapter sub-type.
  • Step 2: Enter the names of the individuals to serve as Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer. These individuals must be IAO Student Members. In addition to that a Faculty Sponsored by IAO Professional Membership is also required.
  • Step 3: Enter chapter contact information (University Name, postal address and phone number, Contact Person Name).
  • Step 4: Enter the names of at least ten (10) individuals willing to carry out the chapter's mission and participate in activities. The last name, first name, and email addresses of these members will be required.

Once the completed application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Local Activities Manager within 5-7 business days.

IAO Student Chapters Excellence Awards

The Excellent student chapter will be provided the "IAO Student Chapter Excellence Awards ” in the Annual Meeting of IAO. These Awards will recognize the student chapters. All Student Chapter in good standing are encouraged to apply for the “IAO Student Chapter Excellence Award".