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About International Association for Integrated Oncology (IAIO)

International Association for Integrated Oncology (IAIO) takes pride in its commitment to providing a platform to clinicians, practitioners, and cancer professionals for sharing their knowledge through continuous stream of medical education programs. IAIO serves as a collaborative hub for cancer science experts, practitioners, and influential professionals in the oncology field. Our primary objective has been the establishment of scientific communities and special interest groups, all in the pursuit of disseminating knowledge and facilitating education.

Our goal is to provide online and in-person continuing medical education (CME) on oncology and its related emerging clinical topics that will improve physician practice and patient care. IAIO has made a significant socio-academic impact through its continuous efforts in organizing CMEs. These programs serve as a pivotal platform for knowledge dissemination, skill enhancement, and collaborative learning within the field of oncology. This knowledge transfer directly translates into improved patient care and outcomes, ensuring that individuals battling cancer receive the most current and effective treatments available.