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Academic Partner

Academic Partner

"Are you seeking dynamic collaboration with an esteemed organisation of higher learning? Then this is the right opportunity for you to experience.

We invite you to apply for an academic partnership with us!

Leading universities and educational institutions have extended their hands to collaborate with IAO, offering us opportunities to leave our mark in both developing and developed countries.

We operate as a globally integrated scientific platform, providing financial and academic support to Life Science colleges/universities in India & abroad. This support is made possible by leveraging our extensive resources.

Why Should you Partner with us?

Collaborative possibilities

As an academic partner, you will have access to a variety of collaborative options. Work with our team of specialists, researchers, and educators to develop new programmes, research projects, and academic initiatives.

Resource Sharing

Take use of our considerable resources, which include cutting-edge facilities, research funds, and a broad network of academic experts. Your institution will benefit from our dedication to providing the tools and assistance required for success.

Knowledge sharing

Encourage cross-institutional knowledge sharing and cross-cultural learning opportunities. Our academic collaborations promote the exchange of best practises, research discoveries, and instructional methodologies.

Enhanced Exposure

Collaborating with us will increase your institution's exposure and reputation. Benefit from collaborative marketing events, co-branded activities, and enhanced exposure within the academic community.

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