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About Virtual Conference on Oncopathology and Molecular Pathology

International Association for Integrated Oncology (IAIO) is organizing the “Virtual Conference on Oncopathology and Molecular Pathology” which is scheduled to be held on 16th, 17th and 18th May 2024, Virtually. Oncopathology refers to the branch of pathology that specifically focuses on the study and diagnosis of cancer. Molecular Oncology is a field of oncology that concentrates on the molecular and genetic basis of cancer. The Onco Pathology and Molecular Oncology conference focuses on delving into cutting-edge advancements and insights in the field. Attendees can expect an array of comprehensive sessions and discussions in the field. The conference aims to provide a platform for leading experts, researchers, pathologists, oncologists, and industry professionals to exchange ideas, share insights, and explore collaborative opportunities in the dynamic landscape of onco pathology and molecular oncology.